DVR Accessories: XDLBB2

Designed to house the H and HD series DVRs, this lock box has a front door for convenient access and comes with hardware for rack mounting.

Product Features
Product Specifications
Product Accessories

Lock box - Medium (Black)

Product Features

  • Designed to Provide Security and Protection for Recorder while at the same time providing
  • Ventilation for Optimum and Efficient Operation
  • A Removable Top Lid for Easy Access and Installation of Equipment
  • Keyed Lock on Front Door Permits Controlled Access to Front of DVR
  • Manufactured of Tough Electrolytic Galvanized Iron
  • Rack Mount Brackets included

Product Specifications

MaterialEGI (Electrolytic Galvanized Iron)
Max. Load Capacity30 lb (13.5kg)
Finish Double spray coating (Color: Black)
Weight15.2 lb (6.9kg)
Items Included (Quantity)Rack mount bracket (2), Flat washer (4), Screw, M4x6L (8). Rubber foot (4), Screw, M5x20L (4), Screw, M3x12L (4), Lock key (2), Support Bracket “L” (2), Support Bracket “R” (2), Screw, M3X5 (8)

Product Accessories

HLB500-KeysKeys for DVR Lockbox (Quantity 2)
HLB500-LockLock for DVR Lockbox