DVR Accessories: LB3L

Designed to house the XD series DVR, this lock box has a front door for convenient access and comes with hardware for rack mounting.

Product Features
Product Specifications

Lock Box - Large (Black)

Product Features

  • Designed to Provide Security and Protection for Recorder while at the same time providing
  • Ventilation for Optimum and Efficient Operation
  • A Removable Top Lid for Easy Access and Installation of Equipment
  • Keyed Lock on Front Door Permits Controlled Access to Front of DVR
  • Manufactured of Tough Electrolytic Galvanized Iron
  • Rack Mount Brackets included for Large Lock Box
  • LB3L to be used with XD series 16 Digital Video Recorder Model

Product Specifications

MaterialEGI (Electrolytic Galvanized Iron)
Finish Double spray coating (Color: Light-gray)
Dimensions (W x H x D)17.6 x 5.2 x 22” (447 x 133 x 560mm)
Items Included (Quantity)Rack mount bracket and hardware (2)
Rubber foot set (4)
Lock key (2)